How do you feel when you talk to someone or meet someone can be guessed just by observing the pitch of your voice. Yeah, that’s right.

If you are a male and you are speaking in a slightly lower voice than normal, it means you are talking to an attractive female person. Females also change the pitch of their voice when they to someone attractive.


It was disclosed in a study by an institution called Nonverbal Behavior in 2010.

Voice Changes, Attractive

According to the study, when a male person talks to someone attractive he lowers the pitch of his voice than normal. While females slightly increase the pitch of their voice when they talk to an attractive male person.

Sometimes, people shuffle the pitch of their voices according to the circumstances. For example – When a person lies, he/she speak in a different way.

Voice Changes, Attractive

Some of you may not agree with the result of the study, but another study says, when some men and women asked to produce a “Sexy” voice, they just decreased the pitch of their voice to produce a sexy voice. Although, the pitch of women’s voice was lower than men.

One thing is clear from both the studies that how quickly we change ourselves according to our need and convenience.

Hopefully, after knowing the results of this study you will now be able to give an idea of how the person in front is feeling while talking to you.

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