The market is full of female-focused books and magazines, but only a few leaves a deep impact on readers. And Cosmopolitan is one of those few magazines who has millions of fan following globally. Cosmopolitan is also a female-focused international and best-selling fashion and entertainment magazine which is helping women to live the best and most exciting life.

The very first issue of the magazine was published in 1886 as a family magazine. After a few years of the publication, it was changed into a literary magazine, but in 1965 the Cosmopolitan was transformed into women’s magazine.

Cosmopolitan is also known as Cosmo, and its main focus is to provide its readers the with best content related to fashion, relationship, sex, self-improvement, beauty, and horoscopes. Cosmopolitan magazine is currently printed in 35 different languages and distributed in over more than 100 countries which is why Cosmopolitan is the largest and the best-selling magazine in the world.

Cosmopolitan is the most widely read magazine by women because the magazine is discussing some interesting topics such as sex tips, fashion, relationship, health, and beauty since the 1960s.

Cosmopolitan gained more fame on Snapchat. And now the Cosmopolitan’s “discover” section has more than 3 million readers per day.

How Cosmopolitan is helping women to live more?

Cosmopolitan not only delivering news content to the readers but also it is empowering women and helping them understand their life in a better way. Apart from this, the magazine is also improving women’s sex life by providing them some great sex positions.

Cosmopolitan Cover
Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover Photos

Some people complaints about sexually inappropriate headlines of the magazine. But most of them enjoy their read.

As of now, Cosmopolitan has 75 fearless editorial staffs who are doing really a great job for the women around the world. Some people may not like the magazine, but the way to represent their content and the way they write is surely interesting.

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