Most of the Android and non-android users uses Google Services on a regular basis in their lives and Google Drive is one of them. Google Drive is an excellent place to store your important photos, documents, and videos, etc.

Cloud Storage
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Google Drive is a cloud-based platform where anyone can upload photos and other files who own a Google account. It’s safe, secure, and personal.

But here, we are going to discuss Google Drive pricing in India. Although you can upload up to 15GB of data on Google Drive for free. But if you want to beyond 15GB, you have to pay a little bit extra.

Google Drive Pricing in India:

Google Drive is currently offering a total of 7 in India. You can choose any plan according to your need. Here are the complete pricing details.

  1. Up to 15GB of cloud storage – It’s free.
  2. Up to 100GB of cloud storage – Rs. 130/month or Rs. 1,300/year
  3. Up to 200GB of cloud storage – Rs. 210/month or Rs. 2,100/year
  4. Up to 2TB of cloud storage – Rs. 650/month or Rs. 6,500/year
  5. Up to 10TB of cloud storage – Rs. 6,500/month
  6. Up to 20TB of cloud storage – Rs. 13,000/month
  7. Up to 30TB of cloud storage – Rs. 19,500/month

Every plan contains some extra services, except the first one:

  • Access to Google experts
  • Options to add family
  • Extra member benifits

Cloud computing is the future. Sooner or later everyone will realize the importance of cloud storage. If you are interested in buying a plan, you can buy from the Google Drive app or visit here.

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