Being busy all the time is not as good as people think. Those who always say, “I’m busy.” Are they really busy doing something great that can help them become successful? Well, the answer is “no.” Because being busy will never make you successful.

Being too busy all the time is the lack of ability to prioritize your life.

When people say they are busy, most of them are actually wasting their time on those things that have nothing to do with their lives.

Have you ever thought why things that don’t matter such as TV shows, web series, TikTok, etc. become so important to us? Is it really worth saying “I’m busy” when you are wasting your precious time watching those things? I hope your answer will be ‘no.’ Most of the people are not busy, they just fill up their lives with stupid things.

Sometimes busyness is nothing but an excuse to avoid important things in life.

It’s really sad when someone says, he was so busy that he couldn’t call his mother for months. Or he was so busy that he couldn’t go to the gym or workout regularly.

Even some people blame their busyness for not doing those things that make them happy. It shows that their lives are not in their control.

Those who are not doing the things that they love to do can never succeed.

Most people think that being busy means to be successful. But I don’t think so. If you too busy that you cannot spend time with your friends, family, and yourself of course then you are not living your life. You are just alive and being controlled by someone else.

Too Busy, Working
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

So, What does it mean to be Busy then?

I’m glad you asked what does it mean to be busy? Good question.

When you do something that matters and you love doing that, time moves really fast. You don’t think of anything else. You just live in the moment and the moment seems like forever. You always remember how you felt that day, and wish if you could live that moment every day.

Hence, don’t just be busy, enjoy every moment of your life, don’t forget those important things that matter the most, and live a conscious life.

Don’t measure someone’s success by wealth, see how happy they are. If you are satisfied with your life and happy with what you have, you are successful.

It’s that simple. You can live the life of your choice.

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