Emotionally Intelligent: There are so many forms of intelligence. And it’s our responsibility to understand them and use them properly in our lives. Most of you might know about IQ or Curiosity Quotient, which is a standard way to know the intelligence of a person.

In an IQ test of a person, usually, doctors test their ability to remember and logical reasoning. In the same way, doctors test CQ or Curiosity Quotient level to detect the emotional intelligence of a person.


Emotionally Intelligent
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Actually, emotional intelligence means to recognize the emotions, understand them, empower them and control them according to your will.

We often make a decision on the basis of our emotions and establish a conversation with each other. So now, let’s discuss the 10 amazing qualities of emotionally intelligent people.

1. Sympathy. Sympathy is an ability that helps us understand and feel the circumstances of others life.

We believe that sympathy can be learned through experience. Because most of us feel sympathetic when we see and understand someone’s reaction.

2. Self-awareness. Self-awareness is an art of understanding yourself. Self-awareness shows how we look at ourselves and also how others see us.

In order to improve self-awareness, we should continue to take feedback about ourselves and our work from time to time and should always learn from critics.

3. Eagerness. Eagerness or curiosity often leads us to success. Because eagerness always inspires us to do something new and learn a little better. Because of curiosity, the environment around us remains positive.

4. Analytical brain. Emotionally Intelligent people have deep thinking who always try to understand the depth of things and analyze them. They do so because they believe in change, they keep looking for ways to improve their life.

5. Beliefs. To keep the emotions in our control, we have to learn to believe. We have to believe that everything and every person in our life are there for a good reason. Beliefs can bring good changes in life.

But believing in things is not enough. A successful life requires hard work with a positive attitude.

6. Need and Want. These both words may seem the same to you but they are not. And emotionally intelligent people understand it very well.

The things which are necessary to survive is our need. And want is – the things that we want to achieve in our life. For example – a big house, luxury car, flagship smartphones, etc.

7. Passion. Emotionally intelligent people are passionate about achieving something good in life. They do not distract from the goal of their life and work hard to accomplish their tasks. They know and respect the fact that you win some, you lose some.

8. Optimistic. Having a positive perspective on life is essential. And it’s easy, we all can do that. And we should surely try it. Because having a positive attitude not only opens the door of new opportunities, but also help us improve our relationships.

9. Adaptability. Understanding the importance of things and being able to make a quick decision according to the situation is one of the sweetest qualities of emotionally intelligent people. And this is called adaptability.

10. Helping others to succeed. This is not the last quality of an emotionally intelligent person, but in our list it certainly is. And probably this is the best quality that makes emotionally intelligent people so special. They believe in success, they believe in achievement. That’s why they succeed and also help others to achieve their goals.

This is the result of their leadership, passion, and optimism that always inspires them and others to do something better.


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